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Seville, the capital of Andalusia and Spain’s 4th largest city, is located between the Sierra Morena mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoying culture from the Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews, and Christians throughout the ages, and serving as the focal point of the Spanish Renaissance, Seville is rich in history and tradition. When visiting Seville one can experience the city as it was centuries ago. The lovely winding streets and active public squares of the Barrio Santa Cruz allow the visitor insight into the oldest portion of the city, and the list of monuments and historic sites is seemingly endless. The Tower of Gold once served as a landmark for arriving ships, and Seville’s amazing Cathedral houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The 12th-century Moorish palace, the Alcázar, is the oldest palace-fortress still in use by European royalty. While studying, exploring the streets, visiting museums, or soaking up Spanish culture, API students in Seville gain a broad education in Spanish language and civilization.

API offers students two university options for study abroad in Seville:

Founded in 1502, the Universidad de Sevilla is one of the most well-known universities in Spain. It is located in the heart of the city and features some of Seville’s most beautiful buildings. Students focus on language acquisition, cultural enrichment, and historic discoveries.

The Universidad Pablo de Olavide is a state institution founded in 1997. Its mission is to educate through a strong academic program, innovative research, and a highly educated faculty. Taking full advantage of its resources and structure, it offers meaningful solutions to the scientific, technical and cultural challenges society faces today. Located on a beautiful 345-acre campus about five miles from Seville, it is easily accessible by public transportation (a 30-minute metro ride from Seville’s city center).

“This has been the most incredible experience of my life and I would not have enjoyed my time nearly as much if it weren't for all that API has done for me! From the excursions, to help with academics and housing, to the kind staff, I can't believe I got so lucky in picking the best study abroad program :)"

Bailey J. Saint Michael's College
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    Cultural Activities

    • Seville walk and bike tours
    • Tile painting workshop
    • Spanish movie nights
    • Language exchanges
    • Classical music concert
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    API Gives Back

    API students in Seville have the opportunity to give back to their local community through various volunteer projects, including teaching in primary schools, providing food for the homeless, and various ecological and environmental projects.

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    Things to Do

    Explore the Real Alcazar

    Wander the Plaza de España

    Take in an event at the Plaza de Toros

    Visit the Seville Cathedral

    Explore the Triana neighborhood

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    Pisto (vegetable dish)

    Espinacas con Garbonzos (spinach and garbanzo beans)

    Tortilla de patatas (egg and potato dish)

    Gazpacho (cold soup)

    Pescaito frito (fried fish)

    Papas aliñás (potato dish)

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    Festivals & Holidays

    La Feria de Abril (April)

    Andalucía Day (February)

    Semana Santa (April)

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    University Highlights

    The Universidad de Sevilla was founded in 1502 and is one of the top seven Spanish universities for research.

    The Universidad Pablo de Olavide offers a wide variety of programs in biotechnology, environmental science, humanities, second language acquisition, social work, sports sciences, and more.

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