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We invite you to study abroad in Madrid with API at the Universidad Complutense! This program offers you the opportunity to study Spanish culture and language (at all levels) at one of Spain's oldest, largest and most famous universities.

Enroll in classes with students from around the world, improve your language skills, earn valuable academic credit, experience life in this exciting capital city, and explore all that Spain has to offer!

What's Included?


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Orientation Materials and Resources

Access to International Phone Plans

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On Site Services

Airport Reception

On-Site Orientation



Medical and Life Insurance

Resident Directors

Social and Cultural Activities

Welcome and Farewell Group Meals

Volunteer Opportunities


Housing (including meals and laundry)

Language and Culture Tools

Re-Entry Services

Re-Entry Materials and Support

Post-Program Evaluation


Alumni Network and API Ambassador Program

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Application Requirements

  • Minimum 2.75 G.P.A.
  • Open to students of all levels
  • Completed API application
  • University Approval Form
  • One official transcript
  • Additional supplemental materials
  • Entry requirements: valid passport with student visa (for programs over 90 days)
Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Extended Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Spring Apr 9, 2023 - Jun 23, 2023 $13,500 Feb 1, 2023 No Extension Mar 3, 2023
Fall Sep, 2023 - Dec, 2023 $11,500 Jun 1, 2023 No Extension Jul 1, 2023

The prices indicated below are for 120 hours of intensive language coursework per session. If students want to take additional hours, and/or take culture courses, then the following additional fees apply:

  • 180 hours of Intensive Language - $900
  • 180 hours of Spanish Language & Culture - $1,500
  • 180 hours of Hispanic Studies - $900

API students participate in excursions designed to help familiarize them with the culture and surrounding areas of their host city and country. The following is a listing of potential excursions for API Madrid programs. API may need to modify the excursions offered in a given term due to travel restrictions or health and safety concerns.

  • Granada

    Granada is one of the most enchanting cities in Spain. With more than a thousand years of recorded history, Granada enjoys one of Spain’s most important cultural and architectural patrimonies. Important sites in Granada include the Alhambra and the historical Moorish Albaicín quarter, both designated as World Heritage sites by the UNESCO.

  • Alcalá de Henares

    Alcalá de Henares is a city located in the northeast of Madrid. It is known for the University of Alcalá, which is located in buildings from the 16th Century inside the old town. Among them is the auditorium, a room with an elaborate Mudejar-style ceiling, where the King of Spain awards the Cervantes Prize for Literature every year. Nearby there is the Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes, where the famous author of Don Quixote lived.

  • Lisbon

    We will visit Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, and the best showcase of Portuguese culture. Together, the group will discover the city visiting the most iconic places and neighborhoods, enjoy breath-taking views from the beautiful viewpoints and visit the 15th-century monastery, standing witness of the glorious past of this country.

  • Salamanca

    Salamanca is one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in Europe. Golden sandstone has lent itself to every major architectural style from Romanesque to Baroque. The Plaza Mayor is one of the most beautiful town squares in Spain.

  • Seville

    Seville, capital of the Andalucía region of southern Spain, is a unique example where history, tradition, and modernity merge in an incomparable city. The core of Islamic Seville includes the area on the East bank of the Guadalquivir where the Cathedral, the Christian Alcázar, and the medieval quarter is known as the Barrio Santa Cruz is located today. To explore the city’s narrow streets and smell the orange blossoms in Spring while mingling with people at a cafe is definitely an unforgettable experience.

  • Toledo

    Toledo, located south of Madrid, was declared ‘City of Mankind’s Heritage’ by UNESCO in 1986. It was capital of Spain from mid-6th to the mid-16th centuries, as evidenced by its impressive medieval architecture. Known as the “City of the Three Cultures,” it served as a hub for Jews, Moors and Christians and has today become a symbol of religious tolerance. Walking through Toledo is like taking a magic journey into the past.

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 8-12 U.S. semester credits per session (12-18 U.S. quarter credits per session)

This program is designed for students at all levels of Spanish who want to study abroad in Madrid and focuses on Spanish grammar, conversation, and culture. The program operates on a quarter schedule and offers up to 180 contact hours per quarter term (depending on language level and options chosen). Each student’s Spanish level is determined by a placement exam administered upon arrival by Universidad Complutense. Academic year students must take a placement exam each semester.


Students will complete one of 3 tracks per term in this program (tracks are differentiated based on the student’s language level and academic goals). In all tracks, students may also choose to add additional hours or combine two quarter terms for additional credit. Students who combine terms will receive a 5% discount on the subsequent term(s).

  • TRACK 1 – INTENSIVE LANGUAGE (120 contact hours; 12 quarter credits; 8 semester credits) - This track is open to students at all levels who are interested in improving their Spanish language skills. Students will take 120 contact hours of Spanish language, and may add on additional hours (up to 180 contact hours total) for an additional fee.
  • TRACK 2 – SPANISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE (180 contact hours; 18 quarter credits; 12 semester credits) - This track is open to intermediate and advanced-level students (levels B1- B2) who are interested in improving their Spanish language skills while taking additional hours of culture and content courses. Students will take 140 hours of Spanish language, as well as an additional 40 hours of cultural electives (for 180 contact hours per term).
  • TRACK 3 – HISPANIC STUDIES (180 contact hours; 18 quarter credits; 12 semester credits) - This track is open to advanced and superior-level students (level B2 and higher) who are interested in taking more in-depth Spanish cultural courses. Students will take 3 culture courses and two Spanish language courses (for a total of 180 contact hours per term).


API students will receive a transcript from Universidad Complutense upon completion of their program.

  • Caroline headshot

    Caroline Mobley

    Caroline Mobley will be your Program Coordinator and will help prepare you for your API program.

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    María Angeles Garcia

    María Angeles will be one of your Resident Directors in Madrid and will be a resource for you while in Spain!


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    Quique Blanco Lopez

    Quique will be one of your Resident Directors in Madrid and will be a resource for you while you are in Spain!


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Most API partner universities in Spain operate on the contact hour system, wherein the number of credits earned depends on the time spent in class. To determine the conversion of contact hours to U.S. semester credits, divide the contact hours available by 15.

Courses at Universidad Complutense

For the most up-to-date course availability on this program, explore our Class Finder. Sort courses by term, area of study, and more!

Click here to find courses, syllabi, and more!

Courses at Universidad Complutense

For the most up-to-date course availability on this program, explore our Class Finder. Sort courses by term, area of study, and more!

Click here to find courses, syllabi, and more!

Courses at Universidad Complutense

For the most up-to-date course availability on this program, explore our Class Finder. Sort courses by term, area of study, and more!

Click here to find courses, syllabi, and more!

  • Classes taught in Spanish
  • Various credit and course options per level

API students in Madrid may choose from three different housing options: a host family, in a residencia, or in an apartment.

Students who choose to live with families are typically placed in double rooms with a fellow API student and are provided with two meals per day and laundry service. Families provide an amazing opportunity to experience Spanish culture firsthand. Host families serve as a unique introduction into Spanish culture and may be made up of a married couple with children, a divorced or widowed woman with children still at home, or a family with some members living at home and others living outside the home. Students can opt for a single room for an additional fee.

Students in Madrid may also choose to live in a residencia. Residencias are smaller than American dorms and house between 15-90 students. The rooms are double-occupancy, and there are common bathrooms with showers. Three meals per day, laundry service, and cleaning are provided.

Students may also choose to live in apartments located throughout Madrid. Students generally share their apartment complex with other Spanish families, as opposed to other students. Apartments may be co-ed, and the number of students sharing the apartment varies based on the apartment size. Students may have single or double rooms depending on the number of bedrooms. Meals are not included in this option.

Single rooms are available in all three housing options for an additional fee.

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