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This former capital of Poland has always been famous for its beauty, charm and culture. With a student population of 200,000, the city has a youthful and energetic vibe. Young and old people alike stroll through the main market square throughout the day and evening. Kraków is unique in its beauty; unlike most Polish cities, Kraków’s structures survived WWII virtually undamaged. UNESCO has since included the city on its list of World Heritage Sites. St. Mary’s Church, with its dark blue ceiling lined with stars, and the Wawel Castle are two of the city’s most significant historical treasures. This lively and beautiful city is easily navigable either on foot or using the tram system. The friendly and welcoming people of Poland await students in Kraków!

Students who choose to study abroad in Kraków complete their courses at Jagiellonian University. Founded in 1364 by King Kazimierz the Great, it is Poland’s oldest university and one of the oldest in Central Europe. Semester students complete classes in English with visiting students in Jagiellonian’s Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities and Social Sciences. The university offers Polish language and humanities courses (history, literature, philosophy, psychology, culture, art, and religious studies). Students can also take classes with Polish and international students that are taught in English in American studies, business, and communications, European studies, psychology, sociology and more. Summer students will take courses with other Americans and international students that focus on Central European studies and humanities. Whether students choose to focus on Polish studies or take classes in other disciplines, living and studying in Kraków provides an incredible education.

“Such a wonderful experience! I love getting to know new people, and feel like the API program allowed me to get to know people better in the group. Also, I was so glad to come back home to the states and begin speaking Polish with my family!"

Anna Z. Seattle Pacific University

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Piotr Gebalski

Piotr will be your Resident Director in Kraków and will be a resource for you while you are in Poland!