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Study abroad in Dubrovnik, Croatia—a picturesque, medieval walled city located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea—and earn upper-division public health course credit taught by UMass Public Health and Health Sciences faculty on this fall semester program. This program is a perfect fit for Public Health and Health Science majors and minors but can also be a good match for students interested in the medical field, public policy, or social sciences! Live AND learn firsthand about global health challenges on this unique program in one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.

This is a customized program with UMass Amherst and it is not eligible for API-funded scholarships.

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Application Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Completed API application
  • Unofficial transcript
  • University Approval Form
Session Program Dates Program Cost Application Deadline Extended Application Deadline Payment Deadline
Fall Sep, 2024 - Dec, 2024 $17,600 Apr 15, 2024 No Extension May 1, 2024

*Note that this is a custom program for UMass and API-funded scholarships can not be applied. 

  • Zagreb

    The capital and largest city in the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb has a population of nearly 800,000. Parts of its old city bring to mind images of other Central European capitals such as Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. The Gornji grad (upper town) and Donji grad (lower town) are considered the cultural heart(s) of the city. Students will have the chance to see many of Zagrebs attractions – both old and new – including the Old Town Gate, the new Museum of Contemporary Art, the traditional Dolac Market, and the Strossmayer šetalište (a popular promenade offering stunning views over the city rooftops).

  • Elafiti Islands

    The Elafiti Islands are a small archipelago of islands northwest of Dubrovnik. API students may visit the neighboring inhabited islands of Lopud, Kalamota, and Šipan. Full of peaceful woodlands, vineyards, orchards, and summer homes, these small islands are easily explored by foot and are a great spot for a relaxing day trip.

  • Split

    Split is the second largest city in Croatia and one of the country’s oldest. Students will have the chance to see Roman emperor Diocletian’s Palace, visit one of the nearby Dalmatian islands of Hvar or Brac, and hike up Marjan Hill for a spectacular view of the city.

  • Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

    A rich history has left numerous historic and cultural traces in these parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, none more so than the town of Mostar. The vivid city has many cultural and religious features, including some impressive relics left by the Turkish, during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Mostar’s most recognizable landmark is the bridge and the Old City. In this Bosnian town you can also visit Old Bazaar and a typical Turkish house.

What You’ll Study

TOTAL CREDITS - 15 credits total

Earn a full semester's worth of upper-level Public Health credit through UMass Amherst while studying abroad in Croatia! Students take 4 UMass Amherst Public Health courses taught in 3-week blocks by rotating UMass faculty. During the duration of the program, all students will be enrolled in a 2-credit Experiential Course.


API students receive their transcript from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst upon completion of their program.

  • Emma Schultz Madrid

    Emma Schultz

    Emma Schultz will be your program advisor and help prepare you to go abroad!


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    Dr. Elizabeth Evans

    Dr. Evans will accompany the group to Croatia to lead one of the UMass courses.

  • U Mass Amherst logo

    Dr. Krishna Poudel

    Dr. Poudel will accompany the group to Croatia to lead one of the UMass courses.

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    Dr. Sarah Goff

    Dr. Goff will accompany the group to Croatia to lead one of the UMass courses.

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    Dr. Gloria DiFulvio

    Dr. DiFulvio will accompany the group to Croatia to lead one of the UMass courses.

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Students will enroll in the courses listed below. All courses offered are upper-level courses within UMass Amherst's School of Public Health & Health Sciences.

Global Health: Opportunities and Challenges

Globally, health disparities both within and across borders, have never been more significant. The world has experienced extraordinary changes in demographics, patterns of diseases, population growth, population movement, and urbanization. Such changes in the world are coupled with technology, innovation, and advances in knowledge. This seminar will focus on global burden diseases, population movement, globalization and health, health technology and innovation in the global health arena, and expanding access to global health services.

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Recommended US semester credits: 3  

Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a complex public health issue with interrelated social, political, historical, and biological elements. Class readings, activities, and assignments are designed to help students better understand the root causes of the current opioid epidemic, to explore how public policy has influenced and can influence the epidemic, to identify potential ways to improve healthcare and reduce harm for people with opioid use disorder, and to address the structural contributors to the epidemic.

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Recommended US semester credits: 3  

Human Rights, Health and Migration

An estimated 71 million people worldwide have been displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or other human rights violations. In this class, we will explore the relationship between place and health, examine the factors that lead to displacement and the associated health outcomes of forcibly displaced persons. In addition, we will evaluate interventions to improve the health outcomes. Students will critically analyze the social determinants of health in the various contexts and existing policies while developing new intervention and policy proposals to improve health outcomes.

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Recommended US semester credits: 3  

Experiential Course

As a public health student, you have many opportunities to complete engaging internships and community engagement. Gaining internship experience can help to reinforce and enhance your undergraduate studies, as well as cultivate valuable professional skills and areas of special interest within the field of public health and health sciences. For this program, students will engage with Croatian non-governmental organizations, community partners, hospitals, and/or clinics, to be arranged in alignment with students' interests and skills.

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Recommended US semester credits: 2  

Community Inquiry

In this introductory research methods course, we will explore theoretical, technical, and practical elements of community-based inquiry. Community-based inquiry is a qualitative research method guided by a common principle, namely “the people studied make decisions about the study format and data analysis [and] create social and individual change by altering the role relations of people involved in the project”1 (Reinharz, 1992, p. 181). Over the course of the semester, we will explore mixed methods community-based research methods, including participatory action research and ethnography, GIS and mapping, and quantitative data collection, as well as various approaches to inquiry, including narrative and phenomenology.

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Students will be housed in shared double rooms at a student hotel with daily breakfast included. Linens and towels, weekly cleaning, and internet access are also provided.