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Intern abroad in one of Europe’s most beautiful and historically important capital cities — Lisbon, Portugal! CNN recently reported that Lisbon might be “Europe’s coolest city” and, in 2012, Lisbon was named European City of the Year. In 2014, the nearby city of Porto was named the European Destination of the Year.

Lisbon has it all! As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is packed with unparalleled, unique cultural and historic sites. It has a vibrant arts and music scene, great food, exceptional nightlife, award-winning beaches and, best of all, it is ranked as one of the most affordable and safest of European cities.

Lisbon has many personalities — though steeped in Old-World tradition, the city is also known for cutting-edge fashion and design. Once the hub of a bygone global empire that stretched across four continents, Lisbon has a flavor all its own, influenced by former colonies in Africa, Brazil, India, China, the Persian Gulf, and the Indonesian spice islands. There are so many unique opportunities for those who want to intern abroad in Lisbon with API!

“Some people spend their entire lives reading but never get beyond reading the words on the page. They don't understand that the words are merely stepping stones placed across a fast-flowing river, and the reason they're there is so that we can reach the farther shore. It's the other side that matters."

José Saramago Portuguese Author

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