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London, England is an international center of business, fine arts, design, theater, technology, politics, and finance, and has inspired creativity and cutting-edge innovation for centuries. There is something for everyone in London: a bustling financial district, street markets, green spaces and elaborate parks, ruins, monuments, political machinations, art galleries and museums.

Monuments to Britain’s glorious past are found throughout London, including the Tower of London, the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the British Museum, and Trafalgar Square. Because of its famed galleries, the energy of Soho, the history that lives in the streets, the pub scene and the tranquility of London’s parks, London is alive with sources of inspiration. There is a bit of something for everyone who wants to intern abroad in London with API!

“London is thrilling and diverse. As a capital of marketing and design, I'm constantly surrounded by the best of my industry. Whenever I'm not exploring this city, I'm busy exploring another around Europe. This experience has easily shaped me professionally and personally."

Marcos P. Texas Tech University

U.S. Staff

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