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Founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadores, Buenos Aires, Argentina has evolved into a thriving, cosmopolitan city with more than 3 million inhabitants within the city limits and another 6 million + in the surrounding areas. Known for its vibrant nightlife, where tango thrives in tangueras, milonga,s and cultural centers, Buenos Aires offers a dazzling array of learning opportunities, cultural events and social attractions.

The seat of the national government, Buenos Aires presents a unique opportunity to analyze the politics and history of this complex and fascinating country. Universities, museums, theatres, shopping districts, and restaurants abound in this metropolis, described by many as the Paris of Latin America. There are so many unique opportunities for those who want to intern abroad in Buenos Aires with API!

“My internship supervisor was wonderful. She helped me to set up weekly plans, was very organized and knowledgeable, and was always willing to answer my questions and think of new projects for me to undertake. I'm very grateful for her guidance and hospitality."

Breanne L. Central Michigan University

U.S. Staff

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Laura Bahamonde

Laura will be your Program Manager and prepare you to go abroad!

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Carmen Alvarez de Toledo

Carmen Alvarez de Toledo will be your Resident Director and a resource for you on-site.


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Jimena Alvarez de Toledo

Jimena will be one of your Resident Directors in Buenos Aires and will be a resource for you on-site.