Please contact your program manager directly for personalized assistance, or you can call us at (512) 600-8900. If you're just looking for a few quick answers, some common ones are below: 

1. I submitted one or more of my materials, when will this be reviewed and marked as complete? We are reviewing your enrollment materials as quickly as possible, in the order received. At this time, please allow 3-5 business days for application material review.

2. Did you receive my transcript/letter of recommendation / mailed forms? Mailed items such as official transcripts, can take some time. Currently, USPS notes an anticipated delivery time 2-9 of business days. Your school may even take a few days to process your transcript request, which can add to the time it takes to arrive to our office. Once your mailed document has been received at the API Texas office, please anticipate a processing time of 3-5 business days.

3. Who can write my letter of recommendation? If you are a college student, your letter of recommendation must come from someone who has taught you at the university level. This can be a professor, assistant professor, graduate assistant, lecturer, etc. If you are a high school student, your letter of recommendation must be written by a high school teacher.

4. My application is complete. How long does it take to receive an acceptance decision? For students who meet all application requirements, you will hear back with an acceptance decision no more than a week after your application is completed in full. The current time for students to receive feedback regarding their application is 3-5 business days. For students with unique circumstances to their application, it may take up two or three weeks to receive an admission decision.

5. Does API have scholarships available to apply towards the program? Scholarship information and applications may be found on the API website here. API scholarship applications are open to students who have been accepted into an API program and meet each scholarship's requirements for eligibility. At the bottom of the scholarship page, you can find a list of external resources that you can look into as well!

6. How can I keep up with API before I go abroad? Find us on social media and subscribe to the API Blog. Be sure to follow our Instagram account @apiabroad and our hashtag #ispyapi to see photos, announcements, and highlights from other API students!

7. I am stuck in the application process. Please email your Program Manager describing the issue you are having in as much detail as possible. Please include any helpful information, such as screenshots to help issue resolve the issue as quickly as possible.